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New CLEVELAND Collection Released

The Idea

With the release of our new CLE collection, we're excited to offer a unique selection of apparel that sustainably celebrates our favorite city, Cleveland. Our t-shirts are designed with a vintage feel, and each one is printed with a unique CLE design. Whether you're a native Clevelander, or just visiting town for a day, you'll love wearing this line!


The Collection

Our designers have put together a unique and stylish selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel that are perfect for those who love this city. No matter what neighborhood you’re from, this set has you covered.


The Process

The vision was to create apparel that embodied the city’s personality and spirit, while rekindling warm memories. To do this, we relied on our team of designers to capture the essence of Cleveland – from its iconic architecture and history to its passionate residents and culture. "We love coming up with wearable works that represent different parts of our city," says Tyler Michalak, one of the company’s designers. "There’s something for everyone on our roster with more to come, so we hope everyone loves wearing them as much as we do design them."


Initial release included 5 adult t-shirts, and 2 youth, Join Our Newsletter for news and offers on future additions.

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